Marketing Your PGDC Group

Once you have created your PGDC Group and populate it with your own content, the next step is to make your group known to others and to share your unique mission, programs, products or services. It’s all about creating relationships and the PGDC makes this simple.

The first thing to do is invite people you know to join your group. These can include clients/customers, employees, advisors, donors/constituents and whomever else you desire. You can even bulk register your current distribution list into the PGDC. When your group is launched it will be listed in the PGDC’s New Groups section on the national home page and added to the PGDC Group Directory.

Here's the key. All PGDC members can join as many groups as they wish, including yours! This enables PGDC members to create their own unique customized PGDC experience based upon their interests and needs. Rest assured, if a PGDC member joins your group, they are interested in something you have to offer.

PGDC Group Directory

The first way we make your Group known to the PGDC community is via our PGDC Group Directory. All Groups are listed in the PGDC Group Directory and are categorized by type. PGDC members can also find groups by focus, distance from their location, geographic location, or country. This will expose your Group to PGDC members nationwide and throughout the world. (see Group Directory on the PGDC)

Sharing Your Content

The most effective way Groups create awareness is through content. There are two types of content a Group can post on the PGDC:

  • Group Content. Group content is seen only by those who are members of or visit your Group pages. In addition, you can append your Group Content to the PGDC’s National Newsletter that is emailed to your Group members. Since this type of content is meant for your members, you are encouraged to create content that promotes the mission, programs, products or services of your organization, and share that information with them.
  • National Content. The most effective way to create worldwide awareness of your Group and obtain new members is to have your content selected for distribution across the entire PGDC network.

When you create content for your Group, PGDC editors are notified and will review your new content. If our editors believe your content would be of value to the entire PGDC community and meets our national publication guidelines, we will offer to publish your content nationally. Upon your approval we will upgrade your content to national status and the title, summary, and a link to the full content will be appended to the PGDC National Newsletter and sent to thousands of PGDC members throughout the U.S. and around the world.

There is an important distinction between Group Content and National Content. Whereas Group Content can be used to promote your Group, National Content focuses on topics of interest to gift planners that promote ideas and information about charitable gift planning rather than promoting the organization submitting that content. Imagine articles that appear in leading publications and professional journals and you will recognize National Content.

Everyone benefits when group content is selected by PGDC editors for national syndication. Your organization is recognized as part of the PGDC National Newsletter. PGDC members learn from you, search engines index your information worldwide, and the entire field benefits.

When a PGDC member clicks through from the National Newsletter to your content, they are brought to your Group’s uniquely branded page where they can not only read that specific piece of content but also browse and access all other content and information you have placed in your Group. As mentioned earlier, this can include announcements, blogs, articles, news items, case studies, and technical treatises to name a few; as well as commercial product and service offerings such as subscription appeals, free or fee-based seminar, webinar or conference announcements, and, most importantly, an invitation to PGDC members to join your Group.

By joining your Group, an individual has affirmed their desire to create a direct relationship with you and your organization. Furthermore, you can now communicate with them directly.

If you are a for-profit organization, you can invite them to do business with you. If you are a non-profit organization, you can share your mission, programs, funding needs and, most importantly, the resources you bring to the table to help them do a better job for their clients. 

The bottom line is that submitting content for national publication is the best way to bring brand awareness of your organization to the entire PGDC network and obtain new members.


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