What Type of Group do you Need?

PGDC Group

A PGDC Group is your information channel on the PGDC. Think of it as a local TV station with no geographic boundaries. A PGDC Group is similar to other social networks, with one very large exception. The Group owner (the editor) completely controls the content of the site, including whether or not a member of the Group can make comments on any particular content within the group. 

As we mentioned earlier, blogs, articles, news, events and many other types of content can be created to facilitate your mission, programs, products and/or services. You decide what content is included in the PGDC National Newsletter for your members. In effect, the Group members receive a custom experience based upon the Group(s) to which they belong.

And if your content is selected for national publication, it will be distributed to all PGDC members and become searchable in the PGDC Research area of the site. PGDC Groups are an incredibly effective means of engaging with the entire charitable gift and estate-planning sector.

PGDC Enterprise Group

Do you need more than a PGDC Group? Do you need to be the PGDC? Ask us how a PGDC Enterprise Group provides the enhanced branding that distinguishes your organization to all the relationships important to you and helps you succeed in an ever increasingly competitive market.

Certified Publisher Group

The PGDC strives to provide members with the latest thinking from the very best minds from the world of charitable gift planning. In that connection, the PGDC maintains content syndication agreements with major publishers, professional associations, or individual authors with demonstrated expertise in the field of charitable gift planning whereby they contribute scholarly content from their periodicals and publications for publication on the PGDC national website as a part of its core content and searchable by all PGDC members.

The PGDC has created a new resource for publishers and authors who desire even greater exposure and access to PGDC members.

As with PGDC Groups, Certified Publishers are provided with access to the PGDC’s content management system where they can upload content they believe would be suitable for national distribution. A summary and link to the content is then published in the PGDC National Newsletter and highlighted at the top of the PGDC national homepage.

As with other groups, Certified Publishers can also create their own pages including a subscription page for their publications.

Public or Private

One last word about groups: Your Group can be public or private, can have no requirements to join, or allow access only with your permission or by invitation only. This gives you the ultimate in flexibility in designing your Group to fit your organization’s needs.

Creating, managing and marketing your PGDC Group is simple, efficient, and effective.


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