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20 Nov 1998 | Ethics | National Publication | Article
In this week's edition of Gift Planner's Digest, Kansas City, Missouri attorney Scott Blakesley explores some of the legal and ethical issues that professional advisors and planned giving officers must consider when advising clients and donors in matters of charitable...
4 Dec 1998 | Investing | National Publication | Article
In this week's edition of Gift Planner's Digest, philanthropic financial advisor Paul Comstock discusses "Investment Strategies for Fiduciaries of Split-Interest Trusts."

In this edition of Planned Giving Online, PGDC Editorial Review Panel member Jonathan D. Ackerman, Esq. provides a detailed review of the newly issued final regulations under IRC Sections 664 and 2702.

28 Jan 1999 | Compliance | National Publication | Article
What is value? In this edition of Gift Planner's Digest, San Francisco attorney and planned giving consultant Lynda S. Moerschbaecher explores the crucial role that establishing a correct value plays in the outcome of charitable gift plans.
17 Feb 1999 | Investing | National Publication | Article
In this issue of Gift Planner's Digest, Robert M. Balantine, chairman and chief executive officer of the Atlanta based investment firm which bears his name, offers some sage advice regarding investment strategies for planned gifts.

As we advance in the age of information and technology, young Americans are amassing wealth in significant amounts. In this edition of Gift Planner's Digest, Betsy Mangone and Kathryn Miree examine the phenomenon of young philanthropists and the issues that gift...

In recent weeks, Charitable Reverse Split-Dollar Insurance has received a great deal of attention and is the subject of pending legislation that would prohibit it entirely. In this edition of Gift Planner's Digest, San Francisco attorney, Erik Dryburgh reviews the...
18 Mar 1999 | Compliance | National Publication | Article
A Professional And Individual Decision

Choosing a trustee for a planned gift continues to be an increasingly complicated matter. In this edition of Gift Planner's Digest, Elizabeth L. Mathieu, Esq., President of Neuberger Berman Trust Company discusses six elements of selecting a trustee for planned gift...

19 May 1999 | Compliance | National Publication | Article

Have you ever attended a charity auction only to have the well- meaning auctioneer rally the audience by saying, "Come on everybody, it's deductible!" According to Ronnie C. McClure, Ph.D., CPA, this week's contributing author to Gift Planner's Digest, donors,...

Prudent Planning or Evil Twin?
Last week, the PGDC published an article by Michael V. Bourland on the traditional and prudent uses of family limited partnerships. This week, Stephen R. Leimberg explores a variation on the family limited partnership -- one with a charitable twist. But is the "...
Are your clients exercising all of their charitable options? In this edition of Gift Planner's Digest, Philip T. Temple and Fred J. Marcus join to explore the rules and opportunities that surround contributions of employee stock options and restricted optioned stock.

Charitable Reverse Split Dollar Life Insurance has been marketed for several years as a vehicle that provides benefits to both charity and donor. In this first contribution to Gift Planner's Digest, noted Charitable Tax Attorney Douglas K. Freeman, J.D., LL.M takes...


Charitable Remainder Trusts that are measured by the life of one or more individuals offer several options with respect to when trust payments terminate. Although the selection of final payment method may seem benign, it can have a significant effect on income...

13 Jul 1999 | National Publication | Article
With year-end tax and charitable gift planning underway, PGDC guest author Erik Dryburgh reviews the substantiation requirements for income tax charitable contribution deduction purposes.
14 Jul 1999 | Compliance | National Publication | Article

In this week's edition of Gift Planner's Digest, Denver attorney and CPA, Ken Ransford examines the effect that unrelated business income has on charitable organizations and split-interest gift planning vehicles. "When Paying Taxes Is Better Than The Alternative"...

21 Jul 1999 | Practice | National Publication | Article
The I.M. Frugal Case Study
In this edition of Gift Planner's Digest, Family Wealth Counselors president Ken Fink chronicles how he led his clients from making modest annual charitable gifts to creating a comprehensive philanthropic financial and estate plan.
An Estate Planner's Dream Come True

Are you looking to gain a better understanding of charitable lead trusts and how they can be used to accomplish clients' estate planning and philanthropic objectives? Who better to convey these concepts than Stanley S. Weithorn? In this edition of Gift Planner's...

25 Aug 1999 | Practice | National Publication | Article
Part One
Have you integrated the discussion of philanthropy into your client interviews? If so, have you developed a systematic approach to helping them explore the motivations that lead to charitable acts? In this and next week's editions of Gift Planner's Digest, Scott...

Thinking about a private foundation? Maybe you should consider an alternative. In this article, Los Angeles attorneys David Wheeler Newman and Jose Silva examine the roles that public charities, common funds, and supporting organizations can play accomplishing...


Looking back on 1999, from a charitable ruling standpoint, it could be called the year of the charitable lead trust. And no wonder, with interest rates at 29 year lows, donors and advisors have taken advantage of a cyclical opportunity to maximize the value of their...

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